Sunday 22 May 2022

My School Song - Aanya Kumar

My name is Aanya Kumar, and I study at Podar International School. Just likeTotto-chan’s old school, our school also has a school song. As requested by Sunita Ma’am in today’s session, I would like to post my school song here-:

We are the kings and queens,

We are the shining dreams,

We nurture sunshine, embrace the winds,

We have the scientific zeal and power to enthral,

We want the whole horizon,

YES, we are Podar, yes, we are Podar.

Hai sanskriti hamari,

Har mushkil hamse hari,

Hum aasman ko chune ki rakhte hai 


YES, we are Podar, yes, we are Podar.

Baapu ne dekha tha sapna,

Hamne usko saakara.

Vishvas, sathya, nishta se,

Chamke banke Dhruvtara.

YES, we are Podar……

Excellence is the key; we make our own destiny. 

Smiling faces, passionate souls, that’s what we are. 

YES, we are PODAR, YES, we are PODAR.

Aanya Kumar
Grade 6-B
Podar International school

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