Wednesday 11 May 2022

A class with the Headmistress - Rishona Chopra

Today we had a substitute class with the Headmistress. For a second, I was scared, thinking she would scold us but the period turned out very fun!

I thought we would do Math and other written work, but ma'am told us that she wanted to listen to us talk, so for a while, we spoke to her and showed her our art files, and she patiently listened to us. She was like the headmaster in Totto-chan, who listened to her patiently. 

Then ma'am asked us which period we liked and why science was the most favoured period. So she started discussing the life cycle of a silk worm and how wearing silk kills silkworms. She shared how we should raise awareness about this. This also tells us about one of Dr Sibal's values - be the change you want to see in the world. So first, we should stop wearing silk and then tell others to do the same. 

Today was my first time having a class with the Headmistress in the school, and it was also the best class ever.

Rishona Chopra
Grade VI
Gyanshree School

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  1. You make me feel so good Rishona! I enjoyed spending time with you and your classmates today.


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