Sunday 11 December 2022

Player Of Games - Gaurangi Rastogi

There is a question for all teenagers here, including myself. "Do you feel that being a teenager is too good to be true?" 

My answer would be yes, as I  have been facing a lot these days, like Peer pressure, jealousy, experimenting with new genres of books, and trying to get my act together to make a comeback to this world of writing blogs and writing a book called "now let me tell you. I don't want to spoil the surprise, but I am giving a short intro. So, a teenage girl called Amanda was working as an intern at a graphic design company. She was satisfied with her job. One day, while she was walking back home, she was abducted by some men. The rest will be told in the book. These days, I am studying a lot and the Holiday Homework is just so much. Seeing this problem in managing everything in my life is a challenge I am trying to solve now. This would answer my question to people who question my capabilities, but I will give them intense competition in life. 

I end my writing with the note, 'Just Do it, Girl!' 

Gaurangi Rastogi 
The Doon Girls' School 

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