Friday 23 December 2022

Something You Want To Change In Yourself and How? - Pestalozzi India

Many people have been continuously advising me to change my behaviour as I might lose all my friends and people around me because of my behaviour. I am also an ill-tempered person and dismissive of their suggestions. I make false promises and divulge without thinking how they might feel later who trusted me so much. I dither whenever I have to make any difficult choice, maybe because of my anxiety and lack of confidence. I should speak up for myself and build self-confidence. I will be a trustworthy person. Even Pestalozzi has given us many opportunities by organising workshops to be self-possessed to improve our public speaking skills and body language among many people. 😺

Jeni Sherpa

There are many personality traits that I want to change that are not good for me. The first thing I want to change is my temperament; I am short-tempered, get angry about minor things, and start fighting with the person who made me angry. I should change this habit and try to ignore those little things. The next thing I wanna change in me is that I am lazy. The things I plan every time I don't do due to my laziness. I should habitually become more punctual with the timelines and stop procrastinating. Another thing is that I am shy and nervous in front of people whom I don't know, and I overthink. I should interact more with other people and be more confident about myself. 

Shristi Khulal

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