Sunday 4 December 2022

Could Have Been - Reveda Bhatt

“Sometimes, the one who loves you is the one who hurts you the most.” - It Ends With Us.

Found this quote accurate in and out, and, you know, it’s one of the bitter truths of life, but you just have to accept it that way. Although, in a way, it’s a bitter-sweet truth because once you realise that, you won’t care much about the fact that someday, sometime, someone will, and that would be it - you’ll go back to the ones you had to pretend to forget for the one whom you loved just so that he or she didn’t get offended and lose themselves - but; hey, maturity is where you realise how to control your emotions, how to prevent yourself from losing them - and if he or she does, what you need to do is place aside your feelings and just keep one thing in your vision - you!

Even if leaving hurts, just know they didn’t deserve you because you are better.

Me: Thinking…
Intense thinking…

“I’d like to take the last of my words back because it’s easy to say that the wound will heal when you forget all about it, but, in reality, only the person going through it knows what it feels like. Nobody, literally, nobody in this world does.”

People say, “It’s easy”, and say, “Maybe you just don’t want to let go.”

Well, don’t you think they would have already tried that!?

Either way, maybe they just don’t want to forget that and change because what if the fault wasn’t in them?

Look, in our lives, people come, people go, but we need to ensure that they don’t take away with them a bit of our soul that once shone in the bright light and made us stronger.

It could have been better like that.

Reveda Bhatt
Grade 9
The Aryan School

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