Monday 26 December 2022

The Power Of Love - Anvesha Rana


 Earlier I was a mysterious soul,

Inside me, I had a deep hole. 

Which neither time nor work could reap, 

All I needed was a retreat. 

The vacancy grew larger, 

The loneliness grew bigger, 

But I still lurked in the corner, 

Still searching for something warmer. 

But then I saw a beautiful white dove, 

Which perched up my tree, 

Once it went, it came later affectionately, 

And became a family guarantee!  

I realized my family, 

My mother, father and sister, 

I saw them care, caress, fluster and support, 

All in the name of love. 

I understood my friends, 

Calling me to make amends, 

Or to catch up with the latest trends, 

All in the name of love. 

Then I discovered my passion, 

Which taught me dedication

And devotion and compassion, 

All in the name of love. 

I learnt a lot from them, 

But I also learnt a lot from myself, 

Which made me learn one more thing

And that is Self-Love. 

Thank you for 

making me realize, 

making me believe 

And making me feel 

The Power Of Love. 

Anvesha Rana, 

Grade 10-B, 

Gyanshree School


  1. Nice composition by Anvesha Rana! Congratulations 👏

  2. This poem is a masterpiece for sure. Great job Anvesha.

  3. The 'Power of Love' is indeed the greatest power! Thank you for sharing your beautiful poem Avensha. (I assume you are a GSA Intern, is that correct?)


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