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Reading - a skill that needs rebirth! - Shilpika Pandey

Those who read, read fluently, write well, and speak well!

Reading is one of the best activities to keep your mind focused, enhance your vocabulary, 
improve pronunciation and inculcate the habit of making reading an essential part of one's regimen.

Reading is a catalyst for an intellectual, thinking mind that sharpens analyzing and brainstorming skills. An old-school activity that is irreplaceable and much needed for our students to keep them away from the hovering world of social media and make them add to their wisdom, knowledge and a composed lifestyle.

When an individual picks up a book to read, he or she unfolds a lesson to remember and change the mindset, thus changing life for the better. Reading helps build conversations, and meaningful conversations take place. So keep reading!

Shilpika Pandey
My Good School


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