Sunday 11 December 2022

The Great Tribal Warriors of Bharat - Anvesha Rana

The meticulous lines drawn out from the intricately woven Indian history narrate a tale of valour and patriotism, chivalrous and courageous fighters astounded the invaders with defiance for crumbling in pain their fragile and ancient machinery might lay down on the battlefield. Still, the spirit of freedom ignited further after losing. Indians unified is a resilient symbol of Pure Indian Strength; our most significant asset lies in our people.  A girl of mere 14 years of age being a mentor to Kasturba Gandhi, or a British official holding a man defeated, in his highest esteem. It is not the power but the personality of Indians that is embedded, leaving indelible impressions on people. Helen Lepcha, a lady of substance from the Lepcha community, helped Netaji Bose escape and was a chief member of the Non-Cooperation movement. Our impregnable freedom is a culmination of the endeavours of numerous freedom fighters; the depths of oppression create such heights of character. Our Independence was not a birthright. It was fought for with life and death by these tribal communities. Anvesha Rana Grade 10-B Gyanshree School


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