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Internship Program - Shilpika Pandey

It is spellbinding to see that Internship is no longer limited to working professionals; at My Good School, the Internship Program facilitates the schools with an exclusive internship opportunity for children. It’s a niche creative learning and growing environment comprising Values and virtues as an integral part.

The Program is one of a kind ever in the education sector. It is an excellent opportunity for children to acquire soft skills and visualise themselves as future editors, writers, authors, podcasters, bloggers, and other creative individuals by having hands-on experience while working on projects and networking extensively with professionals beyond the schools.

This is a wishful ladder of opportunities where each child picks up skills and values step-by-step and comes out with a confident, abled, skilled and complete personality.


"Future belongs to the young. We must not only trust them with responsibility but must thrust it upon them whilst they are still young and full of energy, zest, hope and even illusions". JRD Tata


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