Saturday 3 June 2023

Repairing A Broken Relationship - Tenzin Jambey

It's for sure that in life we'll come across many people and with some people we will become very much attached, and we become a support for each other. With time our bond becomes even stronger than before, but a small problem or fight can result in the breakdown of our relationship. 

There is a saying that " Don't break the thread of love because it cannot be joined again and even after they are joined a node is left in between".

There is always a cause which leads to the execution of the action and the words we speak, there is always a reason which leads to a breakdown of the relationship, and we must understand the liking and disliking of the other person and avoid all such actions which can affect our bonds. At last, there should be a mutual understanding between the two, and they should have reasonable self-control over themselves, which wouldn't lead to a relationship breakdown.

Tenzin Jambey
Pestalozzi Children's Village India

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  1. Yes Tenzin, we need to work on preserving relationships. But we can also work on rebuilding a broken relationship if we feel strongly about it


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