Tuesday 20 June 2023

A Cause That Is Dear To Me - Keyura Rao Cheeti

Reflection from reading the book.

Everyone is connected and moved by what is happening around them. They must decide if they need to take up a cause and bring about change. They are reasons for action to be taken or action to happen. For something good to happen, the cause needs to be good too. It gives us a reason to live. I have thought about this since a very young age. My heart aches to see poor people begging on the road. Older people are beggars too. They have a right to live happily, too. I would like to set up a charity for them when I get older. In the charity, people will donate money, clothes, food etc. We will provide them with good education and ensure they get a job to live independently. We will set a small goal first, and if we achieve that, we move on to completing something bigger, thereby trying and making sure that they have a good life. They need to live as peacefully as we do. We must take care of them as our responsibility as good citizens. We can educate others on how to help them.

Keyura Rao Cheeti
Class VI
The Hyderabad Public School

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