Sunday 11 June 2023

Unity - Shambhavi Nautiyal

Our Unity should be such that we should be willing to combat any injustice and be conditioned to pay heed to our conscience and presentiments. Our Unity should be balanced but deliberate. There is 'unity in diversity', just as Jawarhal Nehru said. There is Unity in us accepting our differences and rising above them. Forgiveness strengthens our Unity.

Once we accept each other just as we are, we stop getting bugged by our differences. If we are one, we can overthrow the tyrants and free ourselves from oppression by mutinying.

As they say, in today's scenario, the majority wins, so we must ensure awareness about what is going for real, not misinformation. This happens through our education system; a sound education system can proceed to feed the masses with the correct and legitimate information, and then the schools can follow to produce a bright and brilliant future for the country. However, if the opposite happens, then that system's products will become hostile, despotic and haughty individuals who only want to spread their influence and mindset to the entire world. Hence, we should favour what is righteous and not believe any fraudulent information available under the sun!

We can be a reliable asset to society, uniting whenever we need to overthrow any deviousness out there.

What does Unity mean to you, and do you think it is pivotal?

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  1. Excellent reflection of thoughts, dear Shambhavi! Keep it up!


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