Friday 9 June 2023

Gyanshree School Noida has helped build our Internship Program

Gyanshree School Noida helped build the Internship Program.

Anvesha Rana
"I joined Good School this month only. I am new here but did not feel that way; all the managers and other interns are accommodating at this organisation. I love being a part of the Good School Alliance primarily because of the honest feedback I get from everyone here, which helps me improve my skills and initiate more company growth. The best thing about being an intern is that I can collaborate with the other interns and brainstorm more ideas for the company's development. As an intern, I complete the managers' tasks and write blogs for the Joy Of Learning Diaries".

Simar Kaur
"I am Simar, new to The Good Schools community. I applied for an internship after attending a few reading sessions. At first, I thought being an intern would be nerve-wracking, but I was wrong! Rather it was one of the best decisions I ever made. Along with my fellow interns, I am working on the My Good School podcast and enjoy working on it. Being acquainted with the program is refreshing, as I can do something productive when I take a break from schoolwork. I also enjoy writing blogs and reflections for the Joy of Learning Diaries. All this is new for me, but what makes me happy is that I went for it and loved it!"

Do you have the courage?
Students, Teachers and Volunteers
Interns are an intrinsic part of the Joy Of Learning Program; they attend Sunday School, the monthly meetings and work remotely. During their tenure, interns are intimately engaged in the school community, and these experiences often create lasting impressions for all.

Critical areas for participation are Instruction and Training, Supervision, Counselling, Marketing and Assessment. Depending on the individuals' interests and experience and the school's needs, the intern may be appropriately placed in an online classroom supporting and occasionally leading core curriculum classes and extracurricular programs.

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