Tuesday 13 June 2023

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"A book is a gift you can open again and again."

- Garrison Keiller

I WAS SHY AND QUIET when I first joined My Good School. I still remember when I was the first to join and then realised that I immediately left the meeting and joined when other people were there! 

Looking back at that time, I understand my changes and how I have learned to open up quickly and be confident. It's the perfect environment for anyone who loves reading, writing, drawing, blogging, podcasting, creating, or participating in discussions. They provide many opportunities and experiences that can really help you (they did help me!). 

Writing to just pass my time or to express my feelings has been my favourite thing to do. The Joy of Learning Diaries is a website where students can post their reflections on My Good School's reading program every Sunday. They can literally post anything they want. We publish the Joy Of Learning Diaries, and our blogs go in an extensive diary where many students can post. Just by listening to the name, you know it's a diary full of reflections, learning and joy!

The Sunday School, as it is fondly known, is the weekly session where students read books, reflect on them and learn. We have both the Hindi and English sessions where we simultaneously read three books, and by the end, we can see the connection between them. 

The website, www.schooleducation.com, sums up the whole idea really well. When you open the website, it gives you such a bright, warm and happy feeling! It feels pretty welcoming too! Several options come up when you open the website. The first one is "Good Schools".

As you scroll down, you see the school song. It has a great beat, it's easy to learn, and it's something you can sing along to any time you want. Next up is our learning programs:

These are the seven steps to joy.

 1. The Good Schools Alliance
 2. My Good School is our Sunday School, where we read, write and reflect!
3. Happy Teachers, which is a program for teachers.
 4. My Guide Inside, a program held by Christa Ma'am, we explore our inner voice and learn to face daily issues much better.
5. Kidspreneurship is a program where we learn entrepreneurial skills to help us for life.

6. Dil Jeeto, which means "Winning Hearts". We do bring a smile to everyone's face with our entertaining podcasts. 7. Last but not least, Slooh is where we explore space and its beautiful sights.

The next page is Internships. The word sounds heavy-duty and tiring, but it is definitely not. It is fun. Earlier, my weakest subject used to be Computer Science, and now it's definitely one of my most vital points. I have learnt to make posters, videos and several other things.

The page beautifully sums up all the benefits of our program and what we do.

Then comes the page about our Book Cafe. It tells about the My Good School Book, which was why this program started in the first place!

It also details the Bookshop - The English Book Depot, established in 1923, which has served the education sector for 100 years, with a maiden bookshop at Dehradun. Our inherent strength is in offering a delightful book-buying experience for the family. In 2010, EBD acquired the brand Book Cafe.

Last, we have OER, which is Open Education Resource. This page lists documents that tell us all about our school in detail. 

This website is indeed detailed and quite well-maintained. You can all visit it here:

It has been an awe-inspiring experience, and I recommend joining this program. It has been quite enjoyable for me to be on this journey of joy, learning and passion. As said, this is the place where passion meets education!

Rishona Chopra
Grade VII
Gyanshree School

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  1. Christa Campsall14 June 2023 at 08:17

    Now that's a glowing and comprehensive review! Thank you, Rishona.


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