Saturday 24 June 2023

Being Human - Veda Varshita Marrivada

Being human is something which everyone cannot do. It depends on whether an individual is human, but what is being human? It means being a very generous human being. It is also a part of Humanity. Being human can also reflect on the character of a person. Donations, Charities, Adoptions, etc., come under the category of being human. A person requires a pure and kind heart to be human. Being human gives a feeling of satisfaction and happiness and teaches us to be good human beings.

The reality of the world hides in a mask where most people claim the good deeds and blame the bad deeds, but rare people are good humans from the inside. People show off their acts for the sake of status but not with good intentions. Humanity is becoming extinct, and many people hate each other. The percentage of cruelty in the world is at a high intensity.

Everyone should be treated fairly and equally. ALAS! I am still a child, but once I grow up, I shall donate money to old age homes and orphanages, give money to the poor and help anyone I see in trouble without hesitation. Also, I shall try my best to be a good human being as an honourable citizen of India, but my parents currently arrange food banks at orphanages and old age homes on our birthdays. Helping them gives us a feeling of happiness and joy. My parents always help others, inspiring and motivating me to do the same.

Helping others makes everyone happy. Humanity is an essential virtue which we should follow for a better world. Being human also applies to animals. Treating them fairly is necessary too. Many people torture animals such as horses, elephants, lions and other animals for entertainment.

In conclusion, everyone should do their best to be a good human being.

Veda Varishta Marrivada
Grade 5 Hyderabad Public School Begumpet

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