Monday 5 June 2023

Being Human - Amaira Bhati

Being a human, I feel proud but also crib about things a bit. I can tell the advantages and disadvantages of my life.

Had I been another human, I would like to carry my same attitude, feelings and thoughts. There are two types of humans, a cruel human and a kind human.

Our world's population of cruel people is growing, not knowing how many sins have been attempted. As a human, I have started exploring the world ahead of me even more.

With such small eyes of a human, the human can see the limitless skies. I see humans pulling and cutting trees and plants off their roots daily when we should care more for our dying earth.

Being a human is a beautiful journey. Some humans look at the negative side, while others look at the positive side. We humans only achieve something when we look at the positive side.

I feel proud to be a human by looking at the positive side, following kindness and expressing my thoughts and feelings to other humans who genuinely believe in themselves. Last but not least, I want to be a human who can understand everyone politely and kindly. Amaira Bhati Grade IV - C Gyanshree School

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