Saturday 24 June 2023

A cause that is dear to me - Veda Varshita Marrivada

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There can be many causes that can be important to us. A cause is a reason which affects an action. Everything in this world has a cause which can be good or bad. Especially humans have one or more causes in life. Grounds are compelling because they give us the power to question something and change our way of life.

I have many causes in life. It can relate to my family, work, academics, and being a good human. But there are three primary reasons in my life to live. They are:

1. My family
It is because of them that I am living. They make great sacrifices for us and help us in complicated situations. They guide us correctly and are ready to do anything for our happiness. They sometimes scold us, which makes us upset, but it's for our own good.
2. My work
I get easily engaged once it comes to work. It allows me to acquire loads of knowledge and increase my creativity. Also, it gives me peace of mind and the feeling that I am a busy adult.
3. To know "THE VALUE OF LIFE"
If we don't understand the value of life, we spend our entire life never enjoying and being happy. If we once experience life as a whole and understand the importance of life, we can spend it wisely and happily.

These were my causes to live, but a human will have a cause/reason for everything.

In conclusion, we should find causes, analyse, think, and act on them daily. We shall indeed observe a change. Therefore, think of reasons every day. 

Veda Varishta Marrivada
Grade 5 Hyderabad Public School Begumpet

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