Monday 26 June 2023

A cause that matters to me - Aria Gupta

Future. People say this word a lot of times nowadays. Everyone wants a promising future. It’s not like some students will come to their parents and say, “ Mom, Dad, I wanna be a failure”. But is it pulling an all-nighter every day just to study for some exam? Is it really worth studying seven hours a day and burning yourself out? Is it worth avoiding all sorts of fun just to prepare for the future?. I personally love having fun. I cannot imagine how a person survives without it. Fun is essential in life.

But why have fun when you can spend that time studying?

I’m not saying don’t study; it is beneficial. But fun makes you love life, and when you love life, it can motivate you to keep going even in the worst possible situation.

To sum it up, preparing for the future is good, but don’t burn yourself out. Have fun too.

Aria Gupta

Grade VI - A

Gyanshree School

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