Thursday 8 June 2023

Being Human - Keyura Rao Cheeti

My school, The Hyderabad Public School Begumpet

Human beings are unique. But what are the qualities that make us so? Our intelligence and qualities, such as kindness, compassion, love, care, and empathy, differentiate us from other living beings.

We can use these qualities to improve the world by improving our and others' lives. We humans also have a responsibility towards Mother Earth. Some of the little things around me that I observed where I feel humanity can be put to use are children in the neighbourhood can learn to be compassionate towards the stray animals, friendly with other children, adults can be empathetic towards the beggars and the poor.

We must let go of our jealousy, pessimism, greed and pride that will stop us from seeing the good in others. We need to set an example for others to learn from us. We need to bring change in the world to make it harmonious for all of us to coexist.

Keyura Rao Cheeti
Class VI
The Hyderabad Public School, Begumpet

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