Friday 18 August 2023

Essence of Life - Reveda Bhatt

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Meditation and its Importance. 

What is it, firstly? 

Meditation is when giving up everything you have in the outside world for a while; you close your outer eye and open your inner eye - one which is unseen.

Most of you would be thinking - what is an inner eye? Or you would not believe me saying. But it is there! Just because it is unseen, it does not mean it is non-existent since all the best of the world lies unseen. 

What role does it play in one’s life?

Primarily, it gives you time and strength to calm down. When seen closely, it makes you realise that all the energy lies within you. As a matter of fact, I’m sure we all know what a chakra is. A layer of energy! But did you know? There are 114 chakras in your body if seen inwards (Outwards-7).

To know yourself, when you meditate, your inner eye looks for the keys to these chakras, opening them; one by one. At the point at which all is down to zero, you lie low while your soul’s ability lies high. Now that is spiritual awakening. 

When you achieve control over your breath, you become InvictusAll the energy lies within you. All you need to do is channelise it in the right direction with meditation; for you to be infinite. 

That’s when I say, “To thine, own self be true.”

Reveda Bhatt
The Aryan School

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