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Popular birding destinations in India - Nishan Karki

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India is home to different kinds of flora and fauna. The reason - why India has a rich heritage of flora and fauna in India is because of the varied climatic conditions which are present in India, with the presence of a variety of different soils. India has many physiological features - deserts, islands, mountains, coastal areas, and plateaus.

India is home to more than 1300 species of birds. India has many popular birding destinations. A few of them are:-

1. Bharatpur Bird Sanctuary, Rajasthan:-
Keoladeo Ghana National Park, or Bharatpur Bird Sanctuary, is India's most famous bird-watching site. The small wetland of 29 sq. km is the feeding and nesting ground for over 400 bird species. And it has been declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

2. Nainital and Pangot, Uttarakhand:-
In the foothills of the West-Central Himalayas lies the Kumaon, made famous in the writing of the legendary Tiger Books of Jim Corbett. The stunning forests in this region provide great bird-watching opportunities with landscapes, rural and wild.

3. Eaglenest Bird Sanctuary, Arunachal Pradesh:-
Ask any birder in India what their dream destination for bird-watching is, and the answer will be 'Eaglenest'. Approximately 500 species are on paper, and it has been declared an Important Bird Area.

Many birds come to visit India every year. Some of them are:-
1. Siberian Cranes
2. Greater Flamingo
3. Demoiselle Crane
4. Amur Falcon
5. Bluethroat
6. Rosy Starling
7. Ruddy Shelduck
8. Kingfisher 

Nishan Karki
Pestallozi Children's Village, India.

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