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One kind word can do a lot - Aria Gupta

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There was a beggar who lived on the streets of Gronwice City. He always wanted to start a business of his own, but never believed he could do it at such a low position with no money. Life just went by as normal, people gave him a few pennies, out of which he bought some food and slept on the streets.

One day, a woman came by. And she stared at him for a while. The woman approached him and asked, “What do you want to become?”. “I know it seems stupid, but I want to start my own business,” he replied. “I’m Enara Jain, and I work at the Poltine Charity. Get up, let’s take you to my office.” The beggar, baffled, followed her to her car, and went on a ride.

He soon realised that this was no ordinary charity at all. “So you wanna become a businessman, huh?” she asked. “Yes, it’s a stupid thing to think of, but I still dream of it”, he replied. “What if I told you that you could become one?” she asked, raising an eyebrow. “I would love to, but it’s just out of my reach.” replied the beggar.

They soon reached Enara’s office. It was the first time he sat on a proper couch in years. It was a strange feeling. He wasn’t used to the comfortable environment. Then Enara, offering him a glass of water, sat in front of him and asked a few questions as if she was taking his interview. The beggar was quite nervous while answering those questions.

The last question was “Do you believe that you can become a founder and start a business?”. It was the question that scared the beggar the most. “Ummmm… I don’t think I can.” was his reply. “After that, Enara went somewhere. She soon came back, smiling while carrying a cheque. “We’ll be donating 10,00,00,000 Rupees to you, Mr…?”. “Jones,” replied the beggar, delighted about the fact that he was finally about to have some money in his bank account.

“Let me tell you one thing, which is that you can become an entrepreneur. If you save this money, you can surely become one”, said Enara. Mr Jones thought for a while, thinking about what to do with this money. He decided to spend some money and save some money.

10 years later, the fashion company 'Swaniskin' was more successful than ever. The beggar, now one of the most successful entrepreneurs in the world, was happy that he was able to work hard to achieve his dream. His rags-to-riches story is one of the most inspiring things in the world.

*(Note: None of these people, places, companies, etc are real)

Aria Gupta
Grade VI || Gyanshree School

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