Saturday 26 August 2023

There are Many Dimensions to Every Person - Anvesha Rana

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When we meet a man or a woman
Or it might be a child,
We jump to see what we can
And assume their lives in a way very mild

We don’t think before we speak
For answers that are bleak.
We draw vague conclusions 
And later create fine lines.

We bombard the space
Without knocking on the door.
And then create a false world
Of our own.

We have to be quick and smart.
But where does the subtle man go?
Does he hide in forever, 
Or wait for us to leave?

Well it is not the man held wrong
But our fault till long.
For it was we who did not see his inner beauty,
And decided to name him ugly.

We did not get it then, 
But maybe we do now.
There are multiple dimensions to every person,
Just wait and read 'how'.

Anvesha Rana
Grade 11 || Gyanshree School

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