Wednesday 23 August 2023

There are many dimensions to every person - Kiran Vehniwal

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'There are many dimensions to every person'.

The statement in itself holds different meanings and perspectives. To some, it may be in physical dimensions and to some in the context of psychological aspects. 

Every individual has their own experiences. Some come from his inner self, and some from the outer world. Sometimes it matters the most to one person, but it may not to another. That does not make one right and the other wrong. It's just their insight to see things. 

The mind plays the most role in demonstrating different dimensions of a person. It has its logic and reasons to interpret a situation. Some see life as full of choices and risks to take and live it to the fullest. 

For some, life is just an assigned challenge they take and pass on to make it to the other end. They fail to enjoy and cherish little moments in their journey when they get too busy making a life than living life.

And sometimes, the outer world changes the inner self. That's where the two dimensions collide, and the individual moves to a different personality dimension. 

The question that arises is how to understand an individual's needs to make them comfortable with him when a person has different extents and at some point fails to interpret what he wants.

Kiran Vehniwal
Prita Lee Lesson School

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