Tuesday 15 August 2023

The 'My Good School' Forest

 "And Into the forest,
I go to lose my mind and find my soul"
~ John Muir

My Good School is all about reading. The joy of reading, writing, learning, speaking and simply the pleasure of relishing the good moments in life. And what is better than our very forest, where we can merely roam in the lush green gardens, rediscover ourselves and enjoy the beauty?
With this feeling, let us hear how one of our students feels about this luxuriant forest. 

"I remember one of my conversations with students of schools in Burg where they were telling me how different their school is by having a swimming pool, a garden to walk, an air-conditioned auditorium hall, and trips and camps outside school which make them stand out in their category.

I felt gloomy at the time because my school (The Fabindia School) had no point which would fit into this category of schools. And I couldn't get into the conversation. Later on, I came back and sat under my glorious Wisdom Tree.

I realize that we are not part of this category or any category because we are exclusive and unique in our ways. And I know everyone feels the same about their school, but I have several reasons to prove my statement.

If your school has a swimming pool, We have a whole natural pond.
You may have a garden to walk, but we have a Jungle to talk with.
You need to find a place to set up your camp while we can easily create one in our jungle.
Your school might use bleach for your pool, but we are a green school.

We don't harm the environment. We wish to nurture flora and fauna. We create our electricity and conduct rainwater harvesting. And that too from the time when schools had not defined what sustainable development was. We have been doing this for long enough, and the best part is that our vision and mission are not only on paper. It is in everyone's heart, and we carry it all along. 

I am so grateful to our founders and patrons for choosing this land in Bali, Rajasthan, as the launching pad. Thank you for believing that we could give back to our community." 

- Kunal Rajpurohit
(Visit our website here: https://schooleducation.com)

Its beauty and extravagance are beyond comparison. And we do hope that you will come to our forest one day. We are sure you will feel enriched and refreshed after having a short walk in our forest.

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