Tuesday 1 August 2023

You Breathe - Reveda Bhatt

Photo from: https://www.curioustitans.com/blog/book-review-when-breath-becomes-air-by-paul-kalanithir

I wrote the following poem after reading 'When Breath Becomes Air'. The book hits me to my core. I hope you feel the same way I did, too...;)

[They gave their breath.

Nature took it as air. 

We made it our breathe.]

You breathe now what once was air,

Which earlier was the breath of the person who disappeared,

That's just how it is-few days of sorrow

While the others celebrate-

The other not being here.

Might feel like despair

But to make it clear

That's how it is-

You Die - Few Cry - While The Others Celebrate You Not Being Here.

And then, what you used to 'BREATHE' just, in a moment, became 'AIR'.

Reveda Bhatt
Grade 9 The Aryan School

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