Friday 18 August 2023

Every Breath - Poem by Shivpreet Singh

Every breath. 

This word 
reminds me 
of your name 
every breath. 

I imagine you unseen
From the little that I see 
And inhale your wonder 
in every breath. 

O resident 
of every atom 
O enlivener 
of every motion
Every breath 

O pervader
Of every direction
O permeator
Of every conscience 
Every breath

I have felt
your power 
in every breath. 

Your hue 
in every color, 
Your essence  
In every perfume
Your whisper 
In every breath. 

This word 
From numb chaos 
To a vibrant stillness 

This oneness 
Instills my breath 
In every other breath
Every breath
Saas saas. 

Incessant Remembrance of Oneness: Truth, Love, and Beauty

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