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There are many dimensions to every person - Aria Gupta

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You might be wondering - why I haven't written this article in story form. It's because this topic has many details to consider. And I think that it's hard to convert it into a good story.

Moving on to the topic, we first need to define the meaning of dimensions. Dimensions may imply different things to different people. It could refer to their life responsibilities (mother, friend, etc.) or personality characteristics and traits. Ultimately, the dimensions of a person cover the numerous qualities that comprise a person. 

In my opinion, every role has a dimension that includes attributes. A student's role, for example, may involve characteristics such as procrastination or being studious (the traits vary from person to person). These characteristics and dimensions - create and define the individual's identity and contribute to their unique personality. People's dimensions can also include their talents and abilities, such as creative or intellectual ability. attributes

I won't say that our physical appearance is counted as a dimension; in reality, a person's true worth lies within their character and capabilities. These dimensions shape how individuals interact with the world around them and influence their behaviour and decision-making. 

Moreover, they play a crucial role in determining one's personal and professional growth, as they impact one's motivation, resilience, and overall well-being. Therefore, it is essential to recognise and nurture those dimensions to embrace and express one's true self.

To sum it up, dimensions refer to various roles of a person, including different life responsibilities, personality traits, talents, and abilities. They shape behaviour, decision-making, motivation, resilience, and overall well-being and are crucial for personal and professional success. Recognising and nurturing these dimensions is essential.

Aria Gupta
Grade VI || Gyanshree School

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