Wednesday 13 December 2023

Reflections Sunbeam School & Hostel Lahartara

Sunday School 10th December 2023

"The purpose of life is to live it, to take the experience to the end."

Without a purpose, our lives feel meaningless. Finding our purpose takes time and requires a lot of wondering. Everything that might seem like mindless investing until you find your passion.

Ananya Singh IX D 
Sunbeam hostel lahartara

"Retirement," ending all work for a certain period, is a relatively new concept. We may retire from a career or a job, but we should never retire from meaningful contributions. Life means more when we respond to work that is meaningful to us and to others. The older we become, the more we have shaped the environment for our usage. Looking back, you will discover that many great men and women in history never cut back simply because of their age. Success would be a natural outcome when we pursue excellence and feel far more fulfilled in every endeavour.
-Anmol Kashyap VIII B 

"Professional learning is not a function of age; it's a function of attitude". 
My perspective from the Sunday School is that people who adopt the attitude that they can learn to show heightened levels of brain activity compared to those who believe their mental acuity is fixed. A room without a book is like a book without a soul.

Pranvi Chandra IX D

Passion & Longevity
The fire of the soul should always stay strong to maintain longevity. It is essential for us. A famous person once said, "Retirement is a curse for humankind." Retirement lowers your critical thinking skills if a person can do something he must. Every person has something special inside them. Even if the person is retired, he should start doing something different. For something, we just have to resurrect it. As Oscar Wild quotes, "Be yourself, everyone else. Is already taken.".          

Shaurya Chaturvedi  VIII B

To sustain longevity, we have to evolve into something constructive. We should enrich our souls with the music of life by reaching and touching people on a human level. Age is only a number; we can go on and on beyond 80 years.                                                          

Lalita Agarwal (VIII-B)

1. "To me, retirement is death! I have no idea why people retire." The beautiful meaning of this quote is that when people retire, they think that their work of this life is done. Still, they need to know that if they retire from a particular post or any job, they need to engage themselves in some new work; otherwise, if they stay at home, it may be hazardous for them and cause various diseases.

2. "If I had two loaves of bread, I would sell one and buy hyacinths to feed my soul to contribute to our well-being & happiness." This beautiful quote was written by our Former Indian Prime Minister, Indira Gandhi. By this quote, she was trying to make us feel the value of hyacinths. She was trying to tell us that if she had two pieces of anything to eat, she would eat one, sell one, and buy hyacinths as she felt that its beautiful smell and incredible beauty would be enough to feed our souls.

3. Well-being can control being well. 

4. "Be true to yourself and make each day your masterpiece! Help others. Build a shatter against a rainy day. Pray for guidance, and thank you for being blessed every day.                                                                

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