Monday 25 December 2023

Importance of Taking Risk ! And many more - Sunbeam School Lahartara

Reflections from the Sunday School

Importance Of Taking Risks

Taking risks is important because it builds our knowledge. Taking risks is something that we all have to do in our lives. Sometimes, taking risks is essential; it builds our confidence and makes us better than if we never took them. Because it brings a good change and helps us learn. Taking risks is a core element of human life. Failure and mistakes are common when taking risks. We should not be afraid because we will realise instead and become successful men eventually.

"Great Success Always Comes at the Risk of Enormous Failure". Winston Churchill

Divyanshu Agarwal- IX D

Experiential Insights from the point of view of Guru Nanak Dev Ji

Practice self-service to humanity and treat everyone equally. Incorporate daily meditation and prayer into our routine, as Guru Nanak did.

"SEWA" engages in voluntary services to help those in need. For the past several decades, societies worldwide have examined the concept of equality, debating bias in the workplace, social arenas at home, and religion. According to Guru Nanak, life's purpose is to become a truthful being and enlighten others.

"Dwell in peace of the house of your own being, and the message of death will not be able to touch you."  

Shubhangi Kashyap - VIII B

Tata'sTata Stories

My good school is a place to learn good things and morals. For me, it is always exciting to attend the sessions of good schools. Tata Stories inspire me to do something unique in life. It gives me the passion to carry forward any work with sustainability and longevity. Like Sandeep sir said, age is just a number, and we should dream big and achieve big.

Samriddhi Banerjee- IVB

A dream is not something you see when you sleep; a dream doesn't let you sleep. Dreams, the nocturnal symphony of the mind, transport us to realms unknown. As we surrender to the embrace of sleep, the subconscious weaves tapestries of imagination and emotion. In this ethereal dance, the boundaries of reality blur, and the mind becomes a canvas for the surreal and fantastical. Dreams are the silent storytellers, narrating tales that defy logic and gravity, where the mundane transforms into the extraordinary. Each night, we embark on odysseys of the mind, encountering phantoms of the past and visions of the future.

Aryan Kumar - VII A

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