Friday 29 December 2023

The antidote for the Retirement Disease - Rishona Chopra

When people retire, they initially struggle. Letting go of the tight work schedules, being used to doing much work, and suddenly no work at all is rather hard. It's somewhat like going back to school after a month of holidays. It's the least exciting day as all you want to do is just relax more. But here, in the case of retirement, all you want to do is just work more. Keep yourself busy with some work or the other. At this point, most start feeling rather anxious. And you can't blame them; Their whole routine has been changed!

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Gone are the days when they worked day and night, now all they can do is do some chores here and relax. Being used to having meetings and calls all day, it is hard to cope with the fact that now your phone is no longer filled with a hundred unread messages and missed calls. That is in fact why I don't prefer to use the word "disease" for this. It's simply a phase of life like any other. The antidote for this retirement "disease" is "Purpose". Having a purpose means having a new goal to achieve and that means keeping busy and getting rid of the Retirement Disease. And something that happens after retirement is that you can just do things for yourself. Yes, we always feel the need to show to others what we did and do but that's when we are free to do anything for our own happiness. Everyone already has a purpose and we just need to find it. Anything of interest that appeals to you and seems to give you joy can be called your true calling or rather a purpose that keeps your mind energized. Rishona Chopra Grade VII Gyanshree School


  1. Very well written, Rishona. Indeed it's the purpose that keeps us going

  2. V nice Rishiba- surprising that a young girl like you can echo the thoughts of a retired person!


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