Friday 22 December 2023

The Sour Truth - Tenzin Jambey

We live in a world where the mistake of a man is punished, and a woman's mistake is forgiven. We live in a world where a girl is judged as a good person if she hits a man, and when a boy raises his hands on a girl, the whole society turns against him without even knowing the truth. 

Thinking about life, sometimes my eyes fill up with tears. Why can't society accept the people who have done one wrong? Why do we forget all the good things that he has done? Why does one action of a person have to be judged to know whether he is good or bad? How blind we people have become that we cannot see things beyond what they look.
Life has become so busy that people don't have time to breathe. Why is there so much competition among the human race? Terms like job, money, marksheet, and wealth have taken over humans. A person cannot live his life the way he wants to because everyone—the parents, teachers, and society—is trying to shape the child in the way they want. Why aren't we allowed to create our own future? Why is there so much of a burden regarding studies? Why do parents and teachers expect children to always do good and improve when they know that life doesn't go according to how we want?
Does forcing a child to study more and more make him more intelligent and more talented? Why do the parents and teachers compare the students? We want to be praised for our efforts and hard work, not compared. The school system should be adequately understood. The school is a sphere where we can learn languages and seek knowledge without getting burdened. The things we know from school are supposed to be connected with our surroundings. How can one say he is not intelligent if the child doesn't attend school? There is always a difference between education and literature. If we talk about learning, so many things fly around us that we must catch and analyse them. School teaches us how to answer satisfactorily to older and high-standard people. We work on our skills to fit among the rich and forget the place from which we started our journey. You never look back on the problems you faced, nor do you try to help the people suffering; it's just you and your company in a safe zone. In school, we are made to write essays and stories, not of our choice but of the choices of our teachers. We are given marks for how well we follow our teachers' instructions. We are made to make good points on topics on which we disagree. How will the child say good things about things if he feels they're not good?
In my heart, school is building us to be good workers and good employees who will work diligently without question. We, students, must raise our voices and look for teachers like Sandeep sir and Jugjiv sir who are working on and trying to help us become what we want to be. Even when the teachers in the school compare the students, I wonder why they don't praise us for our efforts and hard work; it's not like we are not working on ourselves.

Tenzin Jambey
Pestalozzi Children's Village, India

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