Wednesday 13 December 2023

THE ANTIDOTE 💊 - Tenzin Nyingsel

Whatever we do in our lives costs one or more of the other important things we possess. There is always a hidden cost, whether it's the capital or the time. Our possessions should always be spent on the right things; we will only start putting our hearts into them. Later, we get the passion for it, and we never know how that becomes a career in our very lives.

If we keep these essential points in mind whenever we choose to do something, we shall never need an antidote to continue what we are doing or about to do.

"A samosa doesn't cost £15, it costs your health.
YouTube doesn't cost £300-£400; it costs your health.
Social media isn't free; it costs your focus."

As a result, remember that "There is always a hidden cost."

Tenzin Nyingsel
Pestalozi Children Village Society
Class X

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