Friday 15 December 2023

Jai Hind - Tenzin Jambey

When I hear the word Jai Hind, my heart fills with pride and happiness. If we look at India, we will find that we are very far away from where our country started. Our India is developing day by day, but there are still many problems that arise in people's daily lives. Sometimes I really feel sad after seeing poverty, health issues, bad roads, corrupt ministers, and many other things.

How shocking it is that for the NEET examination, more than 17 lakh people appear, and the selection chances are only 7%. How shocking it is that more than 10 lakh students appear for the UPSC, out of which only 180 IAS are selected. How sad it is to hear that only 25000 students get selected for IIT, in which almost 11 lakh students compete.

We will find that in our country, we have many bright students who are willing to become doctors, engineers, and civil servants. Still, our country fails to have a good doctor and medical service in rural areas, and we fail to have a good government, although we have IAS officers. We fail to have proper roads and walking paths across our country, although we have so many engineers.

The harsh reality is that the people who have enough wealth and a proper position are serving each other. Even though millions of people in India are millionaires, problems like poverty exist.

We need to ask ourselves where we are going wrong. There must be a hole that needs to be filled in order to make our HINDUSTHAN better.

At last, we people need to support each other by forgetting all the differences we Indians have. How shameful it is that some people do not know where Arunachal Pradesh is located. Some say that it is located in northern India, and some say that it's in the south. Some people call the northeastern people Chinese. I wonder how having small eyes makes you Chinese, if it is so that people who have dark skin must be African and those who have fair skin must be Russian.

This all just does not make any sense. Why do we have to call each other by names because of their appearance? Aren't they humans?

Let's make our HINDUSTHAN stronger by holding the hands of each other, and the day when people of India will stay in unity with each other, that day I will climb up on a mountain and say "JAI HIND” with the national flag wrapping me.

Tenzin Jambey
Pestalozzi Children’s Village India

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