Tuesday 19 December 2023

My Golden Journey With My Good School and more from Sunbeam Hostel Lahartara

My Golden Journey With My Good School

At first, I wasn't interested in reading. I thought that it was only a waste of time. Still, at the age of 12, my grandfather recommended a book. He said that if you like to study political science and history, you should read "Why I Assassinated Mahatma Gandhi" by "Nathuram Godse." I gave it a try, and I loved it. After that, I read more and more books, but when I joined My Good School, I felt that this was the place for me. Like we say, 'Birds with the same feather flock together'. For readers, My Good School is a paradise from my perspective. A famous quote by Fran Lebowitz that I carry in my mind is, "Think before you speak and read before you think." Every Sunday, I learn a new perspective to go with. A huge thanks to My Good School for this because the school teaches me values to live by.

Shaurya Chaturvedi VIIIB

How Learning Can Happen

Learning happens when we start experiencing. The learning process begins when we start experiencing things in our surroundings. Whether through reading or listening. When we read it, it is the biggest weapon to win all the battles of life. Listening to TED talks and podcasts increases our learning, and we learn new words.

Learning always makes a change in oneself, so never stop reading, writing, and listening.

"Learning is never done without mistakes and passion".

Diyanshu Agarwal IX-D


No one has achieved success in the past or present and has not done any hard work. Also, they had yet to achieve success on their first attempt. Success comes to those who find out their mistakes and improve on them. They take the time and opportunities to come; they create the opportunities and manage the time to do so. This is the best and easiest way to achieve good things in their lives. 

Anmol Kashyap VIII-B

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