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Tuesday 19 March 2024

The Seer and the Seen - Rishona Chopra

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The question about who we really are often bugs me. Who are we? Are we the mind? The body? Or are we the soul? 

There is a simple philosophy to finding this out. "The Seer Is Not The Seen". If I am seeing a plant, that means I am not the plant. So I, the seer, am not the plant (the seen). Now, I can see my body, that also means that we are NOT our body. We know our feelings and thoughts so in a way we can see our thoughts. But if we can see our thoughts that means we are not our thoughts so if we are not the body and not the mind, who are we? 

We are the conscious; our soul. But is my soul different from yours? No, we are all the same conscious and have the same guiding lights within us. We are only so different in our thoughts and body but we are all the same. 

The "God" we look for in temples and photos is within us. Our conscious and guiding light is God. Going by the definition, God is the creator and the light within us, in fact, the creator is the very reason for our existence. God is not living on Jupiter and noting our deeds in his long register. It's a power within us and that's what makes humans so special. We have the power to choose and to create. 

Let us take the example of two pots kept in a room. In that room air flows. Both pots also enclose air in them. But can we see that the air in one pot is different from the other? No, not at all. The air in both of them is just the same. Can we also say that the air enclosed within the pot is the "pot's air" alone? The same air is enclosed in the room too. 

Similarly, consciousness is one, but we assume each has a different soul by looking at different thoughts and looks. But the soul in each is the same and one. 

Rishona Chopra
Grade VII 
Gyanshree School

Saturday 29 April 2023

Sharpening The Saw - Nishan Karki

Sunday reading with Jugjiv Sir

"We must never be too busy to take time to sharpen the saw." - Stephen Richards Covey.

Sharpening the saw means making the best use of your greatest asset, i.e. you. It means sharpening your mind physically, socially, mentally and spiritually. Sharpening the saw and sharpening yourself are the same thing. It helps to keep yourself in the best place and fresh to do your work most effectively. If you sharpen yourself, you can bring change in yourself and your habits.

You can sharpen the saw through the following :

* Positiveness on yourself

* Meditation

* Be resilient

* Read, write and learn new things

* Take care of your mind, body and spirit

* Listen to your heart and mind

* Create balance

Nishan Karki
Pestalozzi Children's Village India 

Thursday 16 February 2023

Travellers and Death - Reveda Bhatt

“The dead are not powerless.

Dead, did I say?

There is no death, only a change of worlds.”

‘Will I die? Or will I just leave my body?’

Oh! Wait! Let me reframe a part of my question-“the” body.

Well, hello, “travellers.”

Don’t like to travel? Still travellers.


Let’s see.

This writing, I guess, could seem to be an interactive session because I have a lot of questions there

is no right answer to?

So, your interaction would not be with me but with yourself.

In the beginning, I addressed you as a “traveller,” should I have called you a “human?”

Probably, right now, you’ll agree because you have a body, right?

Or are you “in” a body?

Let’s face it. The truth is the second.

Somebody might be called a human until they’re “alive”, but once they die, they’re called “dead.”

But, you know, there is life after “death”, so why be called dead once we’ve left our physical body?

It’s just that the soul is like water filled in a bottle which is the body. So you see, the water doesn’t

reduce in amount until you drink it, in the same way, if, in the end, you say that you can’t live life

loudly, there’s no one to blame except you! That’s on you! Be it anyone coming in the way, the fault

is in you because you let them in, in through the gate to your mind, to pull you down!

Why be backstage when you can rock it up on the floor!?

So, if I don’t see you when we are both in bodies, don’t worry!

We’ll get a chance to meet on the other side!

Reveda Bhatt
The Aryan Schoo, Dehradun

Sunday 27 February 2022

Goals - Rishona Chopra


Set your goals high, and don't stop until you get there.

Goals are our ambitions. Like in football, there is a goal. Our life's goal is quite the same! 
In football, we have to hit the ball at the goal, but the goalkeepers and the opponent's team don't let you do that. You have to face them and hit the same goal in your life; we have challenges facing and reaching our goal.

Goals are not just a tiny thing; they are your life. We all have a life, and we have the opportunity to do whatever we want with it, so why not do the something we wish, our passion. And that is a goal!

My goal is to become a neurosurgeon, and I have started practising for it! I have read 3 thick books on our body and have done a course on Udemy on the Brain and other body parts. It was a minor higher level, but I understood most of it. I also want to be an author and have written several short blogs and stories. I wrote a small book of 20 pages and will start writing another one!

So whatever your goal is, make sure it is your passion.

Rishona Chopra 
Grade V
Gyanshree School

Saturday 4 December 2021

Cooperation - Arav Agarwal

Hello everyone! We all know how cooperation is important in our everyday life and how it helps us to achieve our goals. Today I am going to share about amazing cooperation between our mind and our body.

The mind and body are not separate. What affects the one, affects the other. We all know that two or more people cooperate with each other to perform a particular task. In a similar way, our mind and body also cooperate and work together to perform a task.

Our mind thinks of a way in which the task should be performed and our body executes the task. For example, when we are solving a mathematics problem our mind quickly thinks of the solution or the way to solve the sum and our body(hands) start writing the solution. Our mind and body are able to cooperate with each other so well as they listen to each other. In a similar way, we should also listen to other people so that we are able to cooperate well.

It is very necessary for our mind and body to cooperate with each other because when they cooperate with each other we are able to achieve whatever we want. So let us keep our mind and body healthy by meditating, sitting in silence, exercising, eating healthy food so that our mind and body balance and cooperate with each other.

Name: Arav Agarwal
Grade: 5C
Billabong High International School, Thane

Tuesday 27 July 2021

Earth Day 🌎- Moksha Sompura

I am the earth
And the earth is me.
Each blade of grass,
Each Honey tree,
Each bite of mud,
And stick and stone,
Are blood and muscle,
Skin and bone.

And just as I need every bite of me to make my body fit, the Earth needs Grass and stone and tree, things that grow here naturally. This Day that's why across the world, we say as long as life, as dear, as free, I am the Earth, and the earth is me.

Moksha Sompura
Class -VII
The Fabindia School