Sunday 27 February 2022

Goals - Rishona Chopra


Set your goals high, and don't stop until you get there.

Goals are our ambitions. Like in football, there is a goal. Our life's goal is quite the same! 
In football, we have to hit the ball at the goal, but the goalkeepers and the opponent's team don't let you do that. You have to face them and hit the same goal in your life; we have challenges facing and reaching our goal.

Goals are not just a tiny thing; they are your life. We all have a life, and we have the opportunity to do whatever we want with it, so why not do the something we wish, our passion. And that is a goal!

My goal is to become a neurosurgeon, and I have started practising for it! I have read 3 thick books on our body and have done a course on Udemy on the Brain and other body parts. It was a minor higher level, but I understood most of it. I also want to be an author and have written several short blogs and stories. I wrote a small book of 20 pages and will start writing another one!

So whatever your goal is, make sure it is your passion.

Rishona Chopra 
Grade V
Gyanshree School

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