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Travellers and Death - Reveda Bhatt

“The dead are not powerless. Dead, did I say? There is no death, only a change of worlds.” ‘Will I die? Or will I just leave my body?’ Oh! Wait! Let me reframe a part of my question-“the” body. Well, hello, “travellers.” Don’t like to travel? Still travellers. Why? Let’s see. This writing, I guess, could seem to be an interactive session because I have a lot of questions there is no right answer to? So, your interaction would not be with me but with yourself. In the beginning, I addressed you as a “traveller,” should I have called you a “human?” Probably, right now, you’ll agree because you have a body, right? Or are you “in” a body? Let’s face it. The truth is the second. Somebody might be called a human until they’re “alive”, but once they die, they’re called “dead.” But, you know, there is life after “death”, so why be called dead once we’ve left our physical body? It’s just that the soul is like water filled in a bottle which is the body. So you see, the water doesn’t reduce in amo

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