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Life At My Pace - Aati Pema

While I procrastinate, I remember some things that make me want to curl up and stop existing and others that make me grateful for them happening. What you're about to read would be hard to actually sympathise with and enjoy if I do not give you the setup, so I hope you enjoy it. I was a young boy almost in 5th trade, and being raised in Ladakh, I was like many drawn to the waters not by the thirst to drink but with the desire to immerse myself in the bone-chilling waters; though many could not swim, it did not stop us from enjoying it. For me personally, I remember embracing and enjoying every aspect of it, the bone-chilling river young from the glaciers making our nose redder than Rudolf's, the clear sky with its thin atmosphere letting the scorching sun bath us with its warmth as we lay on the sandy banks. The whole experience was perfected by the breathtaking views of the mighty mountains touching the clouds with their tips where it snowed permanently. Now that you know how

Travellers and Death - Reveda Bhatt

“The dead are not powerless. Dead, did I say? There is no death, only a change of worlds.” ‘Will I die? Or will I just leave my body?’ Oh! Wait! Let me reframe a part of my question-“the” body. Well, hello, “travellers.” Don’t like to travel? Still travellers. Why? Let’s see. This writing, I guess, could seem to be an interactive session because I have a lot of questions there is no right answer to? So, your interaction would not be with me but with yourself. In the beginning, I addressed you as a “traveller,” should I have called you a “human?” Probably, right now, you’ll agree because you have a body, right? Or are you “in” a body? Let’s face it. The truth is the second. Somebody might be called a human until they’re “alive”, but once they die, they’re called “dead.” But, you know, there is life after “death”, so why be called dead once we’ve left our physical body? It’s just that the soul is like water filled in a bottle which is the body. So you see, the water doesn’t reduce in amo

The Fourth Type Of Army - Reveda Bhatt

We’ve all heard about the three forces - Air Force, guarding via sky. Navy, protecting through waters and Army, defending our land. But did you know there’s a fourth? Yeah, there is! It’s the COASTGUARD which makes up the fourth force, though you may think that as it is related to waters, it might come under Navy; no, it’s different. I had no idea until this summer when we visited South India. On the internet, we were going through the places we could visit when my father told us that we’d visit the Indian Coastguard cruise; I, having no damn clue about what Coastguard is, just jumped, excited, hearing the word ‘cruise.’ The day soon arrived, and at noon, we were on the ship with its captain; well, the ship was docked, so it didn’t sail, but being on board a vessel itself is different, so I didn’t mind about the sailing part. The ship was ICGS RANI ABBAKKA, a patrolling ship of the Indian Coastguard. We entered the ship with its captain, saw all its interior mechanisms, and came to kno

What water would do? - Nibbrati Rathore

How do we find fulfilment in a world that is constantly changing? Nibbrati Rathore, a mathematics teacher, struggled with these questions until she came across the ancient Chinese philosophy of Tao Yep Ching. In it, she found a passage comparing the goodness of water, an idea she is now applying to her everyday life. In this podcast, she shares- “Philosophy of water” and “What water would do”? Quality is the mother of all values, and how it is the most essential of all.   Do you have a similar story? Do share with us and let the world learn from your experience. Happy Teachers reside at the heart of My Good School; if you would like to experience  the joy of learning, you are most welcome to join us at .

Courage - Somnath

Courage is one of the best qualities of a human being. Courage means to go against your fears and do something. This courage of Indian soldiers in the Siachen borders motivates them to protect our country in such extreme conditions. My uncle is hydrophobic, and he doesn’t even go near a pool. One summer evening, we were driving along the banks of river Hooghly in Kolkata. It was a hot and wet summer evening. My father parked the car near the banks to enjoy the cool breeze. All of a sudden, we could hear a strange noise. It seemed that someone was wailing. We saw a tiny brown puppy stuck in the mud near the river when we went near. The mother dog tried to rescue it but couldn’t, wailing helplessly. We did not know what to do. To all or surprise, my uncle jumped in the muddy river and rescued the little pup and brought it back to its mother. We were all astonished. A person with fear for water had actually shown the courage and had gone against his fears to save the little pup. Courage g

Take Responsibility of Your Actions - Raviraj Singh Sonigara

The pandemic period has forced everyone to stay in their house. Due to this, there is the storage of food materials. So, the price of food materials is also increasing. The poor people cannot buy this expensive food material, their condition is terrible.  I would like to share an incident that took place with me on 10th March. When I felt bored during the daytime, I came and sat near the window and gazed outside. Suddenly I caught sight of a beggar sitting in the shade. Expressions on his face showed that he was hungry, so I decided to give a food packet and a water bottle to the beggar. After some, sometimes I went outside to give the packet of food and water to the beggar. When the beggar saw me, he tried to cover his face with his clothes and asked me to stand away from him. This thought left me overwhelmed. I put the packet of food and water and watched from my house to see what he was doing. The beggar got up, cleaned the place, washed his hands, took the packet and thanked me. He