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Be a Dreamer - Shambhavi Nautiyal

Shambhavi Nautiyal, VII-D, Ahlcon Public School I am a keen story writer and reader. I try to learn as much as I can and remember those stories to rejuvenate myself and not lose hope in the end. I am a big fan of K-pop as the music soothes my soul and makes me feel effervescent. The 17th-century films helped me learn values and set my beliefs. Reflecting on Chapter 7, Be a Dreamer from the book Is Your Child Ready To Face The World? by Dr Anupam Sibal. I read the chapter ‘Be a Dreamer’ from the book ‘Is your Child Ready to Face the World?’ and it said that Dr Martin Luther King Jr. had a dream for his nation to be racially equal, and so I thought that I too must have a dream and ambition for my nation. Hence, I have come up with postulation of our country with an optimistic motive.  My dream for India in 2040 is that we would be free from illiteracy, poverty and unemployment. I hope we shall benefit from all the schemes and programmes our government has launched. The internationa

Art: My Passion My Life - Ushita Saxena

  Art is very important. It helps in anxiety, stress and keeps you calm. It makes life more manageable, tolerable and enjoyable. It also enhances your drawing skills. Art in any form, whether while creating or observing, makes you feel good. By letting you enjoy a sense of fulfilment, it turns you into a more positive person. Here is my personal experience- Once I was stressed because I was worried that I wouldn’t submit an essential assignment in time. So my Mom suggested doing some drawing. I doubted her but then started to do it. I looked it up and saw something to draw. As I drew, I felt calmer, and my nerves began to settle. After an hour, I had finished my drawing. It looked pretty good! Soon, I completed my assignment correctly and beautifully and submitted it. My Mom was very happy. Art is my meditation. It helps me express myself, and it makes me feel more confident. Ushita Saxena, Gyanshree School, 5A

My hobby - Tiya Sompura

I love to draw. This time I participated in a Tattoo Making Competition. I had many options, but I love butterflies, so I drew a butterfly as a tattoo. If I ever get a chance to get a tattoo, I will tell the tattoo artist to draw a butterfly on my hand. I will tell him to draw the same butterfly which I have drawn. This type of competition enhances our creativity and gives us a chance to bring our imagination and art into reality.  Tiya Sompura Class VII The Fabindia School

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