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Sunday 7 July 2024

Reflection of the week - Sunday 7th July 2024

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- From My Guide Inside -   

1. What was your takeaway from the session today? 

2. What would you call your My Guide Inside? 

3. How does your My Guide Inside help you? 

4. Share your thoughts and feelings. Show insight and connections to this quote from My Guide Inside (Book II) Chapter One:

    My guide inside of wisdom is "powerful knowledge." Wisdom will "grow with you and guide you."

- From Jataka Tales -     

1. Why do we read about the Jataka Tales?    

2. Did the story connect with you today, and why?     

3. What learnings can we take away from the story today?   

4. How do parents name their children?

5. Where is Takksila located? What is its significance?

6. What is righteousness?

7. Moral Integrity

8. How would you tackle the problem if you were in the Bodhisattva's place? 

These are some suggestions you can choose from. Looking forward to seeing your wonderful and thoughtful reflections!     

You can email your reflections to -


The speakers emphasised the significance of education and self-discovery, sharing personal experiences and insights on inner wisdom, thought labelling, and the connection between thoughts and feelings. They discussed the intersection of Yoga and AI, the importance of personal experience and self-denial in storytelling and the path to enlightenment. The speakers highlighted the importance of embracing simplicity, compassion, and wisdom in making good choices and guiding us through life.

12.00 PM
We decided not to read the chapter from The Hidden Life of Trees and instead hosted an Open House to meet Ms Manish Khanna and discuss how we could better engage with Fellows and Interns. Kunal shared an update about the Impact Study, and we discussed how we could improve our program on Sunday and engage with a wider audience.

Saturday 22 April 2023

Conquering new frontiers in space with Slooh

Reimagine how you teach astronomy with Slooh's Online Telescopes. Space is a vast wilderness. Slooh is like a national park with trails and guides.

Explore space in real-time from your home using S
looh online telescopes. Learn about the different objects in our solar system, track asteroids and deep sky objects like nebulas, galaxies, etc. Teachers, Students, and Astronomers can work together to observe and photograph astronomical objects.

Replace City Lights with Starlight
Siddhant Abani, our Slooh India Youth Ambassador and Intern at 
My Good School will help you navigate the spaceship!

Friday 24 March 2023

My Guide - Sunday School 19th March 2023

A good teacher's qualities include communication, listening, collaboration, adaptability, empathy and patience. Other characteristics of effective teaching include an engaging classroom presence, value in real-world learning, exchange of best practices and a lifelong love of learning. A teacher's guidebook suggests different methods and techniques for a teacher while teaching in the classroom. It helps the teacher to manage a classroom, identify new approaches in the learning process, select teaching content sequentially, method suitably, materials and learning process appropriately.

Januka Basnet

In my life, so many people guide me, like my parents, house mother and my friends. Firstly there are my parents who teach me. They tell me not to go down the wrong path and what I should do in my life, and if I do something wrong, they stop me from doing that thing again. After them, my House Mother and friends, my House Mother who always told me to focus on my studies and to work hard and also guided me to stay away from wrong things and then my friends who always scolded me for don't bad things, and I am happy to have them in my life. Before all, we didn't know each other we all were strangers, but now we all stay like a family, and they always guide me for good things. I am lucky to have them in my life. 

Anchal Mehra

For me the people who assist me in doing work and activities are my guide.

When I was born my first guide in this world were my parents and then after a few years I was sent to a school which was completely a nightmare for a few days, and then after I started liking to go to school. Then I met many teachers whose teaching was absolutely great and many of them gave me inspiration and motivated me to move forward now I feel like they were my “supporting stick when I was a growing plant". It's true that every start has an ending but it is also true that every ending has a new beginning, I had to say goodbye to all my old teachers but, now I have many new teachers and seniors who guide me.

Here at Pestalozzi, all the staff who contribute their efforts to make me a better version of myself have become my guide. Even Sandeep sir, Jugjiv sir, Shipika ma'am and the students attending Sunday School are now my guide.

Tenzin Jambey

Sunday 19 June 2022

Happy Father's Day - Arav Agarwal

Fathers are fabulous and our real superheroes.
Thanks to our fathers for making our life beautiful and happy.

Fathers are fabulous; 
They guide us and take care of us.

They are our real superheroes; 
Supporting us to achieve what we want to. 

They teach us what is right and wrong; 
And help us to become strong. 

Thank you for all the hard work you do; 
To make our dreams come true!

Name: Arav Agarwal
Grade: 6A
Billabong High International School, Thane