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Learning Forward Podcast

Stop It! - Reveda Bhatt

Do you know what the most vulnerable thing in this world is? Well, that's trust. Something we should have loyalty towards-but what most of us end up breaking! Trust the root of all trouble and hurt, the fruit of all trust. Look, that doesn't mean Stop  Trusting but follow your gut  because this energy within us knows of everything.  It knows what's wrong-well; technically, there's nothing right or wrong, but in the way of saying, we just know. Then, the question arises, "Why is "wrong" being done by people then?" Well, that's because we do not nurture that energy in the way of guiding us and just go by simple means to suppress it. Ideally, trust should never be broken because one should see the feeling behind it: love and attachment. Once one knows that, their gut instinct should get in the way of breaking one's trust. Right? Yeah, but open your eyes to the world of reality! Snap out of this logic because that's not what happens here! Kee

Positive Attitude In Life - Sulochana Rana

Positive people can maintain a broader perspective and see the big picture, which helps them find solutions.   We will get the following things if we have a positive attitude in our life:- Happiness Self-confidence Strong Immune System More focus We can get a positive attitude by loving ourselves, giving time to ourselves, practising meditation, Listening to music and looking at the bright side after getting laid off. Sulochana Rana Spreading the joy of learning at My Good School. Image source:

How am I preparing to face the world? - Anchal Mehra

Firstly I want to face the world by doing the things like something good, which I still need to do. The most important thing for me by which I want to face the world by working hard in my studies and to be successful in my life so that I can make my family proud of me, and in my life; many people think that I can't do anything, and I am not strong enough and all, so I just want to prove them and show them I can do something in my life. I am strong enough for myself. 😊 Anchal Mehra Pestalozzi Children's Village India

Happy Father's Day - Arav Agarwal

Fathers are fabulous and our real superheroes. Thanks to our fathers for making our life beautiful and happy. Fathers are fabulous;  They guide us and take care of us. They are our real superheroes;  Supporting us to achieve what we want to.  They teach us what is right and wrong;  And help us to become strong.  Thank you for all the hard work you do;  To make our dreams come true! Name: Arav Agarwal Grade: 6A Billabong High International School, Thane

Forgiveness - Rishona Chopra

  The weak can never forgive. Forgiveness is the attitude of the strong. - Mahatma Gandhi Forgiveness is to  let go of resentment and thoughts of revenge . When we forgive, we are happy.  While forgiving, we get this sense of happiness because we are free from all negative emotions. This quote by Lewis B. Smedes says that To forgive is to set a prisoner free and discover that the prisoner was you. This means that when we have a conflict with someone, they are also bound with negative feelings, and so are we. We both are sad and want to solve the fight, but our ego does not allow us to do that. So if we once set the prisoner as in the person we fought with, not only will he be free from the negative feelings, but so will we. Sometimes we too are hard on ourselves on the most minor mistakes, so we should forgive ourselves. We should forgive when it is correct. If someone does something terrible, then we should not forgive and forget. Realizing the situation, we should act accordingly.

Anger & Affirmations - Rishona Chopra

Often we get angry at the most minor things. If someone says something to us like ' You are rude', those three words can hurt you a lot. One of the ways to calm down is through affirmations. When I am angry then I like writing down and repeating affirmations: I am a peaceful soul   I am a happy soul I am a mindful soul I am a knowledgeable soul I am an emotionally powerful soul Another way to calm down is thinking that every situation you come across, even like the one above, is simply a challenge that makes you a more substantial, mature and better person. Whenever we feel lonely or disheartened, we should remember that we have a best friend with us, and that is God. He is someone who always listens patiently to us and is truly a friend that we can never forget. Rishona Chopra Grade V Gyanshree School