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Reflection on peer pressure - Aati Pema

How I see peer pressure. Aati Pema Pestalozzi Children's Village India  

Reflection on the topic Peer Pressure - Tenzin Jambey

In the Oxford dictionary, the word "peer " means people of the same age as you, and "pressure" means forcing someone to do certain things or activities. It feels fun to do things with our friends; we play, study, and spend time with our friends in school and without friends, life would be pretty dull. When we make friends at first, we never know who is nasty or good; only after spending some time do we learn about our friend's personalities and mentality. A good friend will always think and wish for good welfare, but a lousy friend will try to pull you in the wrong direction. Bad friends often put pressure on you to do the activities which they do.  If I had to tell you how to overcome peer pressure, then I would say we should break our bond with the wrong people or bad friends as we know a bad person always puts pressure on you and will always emphasise on wrong things, but we should first try to change them and if they don't change then we must simply end

Reflection on the topic Peer Pressure - Nishan Karki

At any given point, you can release your most fabulous self. Don't let anyone hold you back. Don't let anyone dilute you. Don't be peer pressured into being less than you are. - Steve Maraboli Reading The Art Of Focus at the Sunday School. Peer pressure means a strong influence on a person by another person's behaviour and specific actions. It makes a person behave the same as the other, although the behaviour of the other may not be good. It is one of the significant problems of youth and societies. The primary source of peer pressure on students is their friends. A lousy friend may encourage his friend to fight, smoke, take drugs, smuggle, etc. These evil actions cause peer pressure on people. The effects of peer pressure are:- • Peer pressure hampers day to day life of people and creates hurdles in their lives. • It can cause depression in case of performance of serious actions • It creates a distraction from good works • It leads to a change in the behaviour and att

What is peer pressure and how can we deal with it? - Rishona Chopra

Peer pressure is the pressure we face from our peers to do something. It indirectly or directly affects us. Often we find ourselves pretending to fit in the crowd, so we start doing things and becoming people we are not. We lose our own identity just to make 'friends'. But friends who force you to do something or friends who you cannot be yourself around aren't really friends, are they? Each of us has our own identity, which we are given for a reason because we all are unique, we put on a different persona, and it affects no one but us.   Being with the right company matters a lot. One ripe apple kept with ten other rotten apples will soon rot too. It is better to be alone than with bad friends.  Dealing with peer pressure, though, is quite a challenge. Often people try to bully us by telling us that we are 'not cool' and 'boring'. But we must remember that the right path is often alone, but being alone doesn't mean we must be lonely. Ignoring people lik

What is peer pressure, and how can we deal with it? - Shambhavi Nautiyal

Reading Chapter 43, Sunday the 26th of March 2023 Peer pressure is the direct or indirect influence of our peers which tells us that we need to act in a certain way like the people surrounding us. It is often observed in teenage but continues as an existing matter throughout our lives regardless of age. It is a trap which makes people victims of many addicting and harmful practices. It could be wrong personality traits such as people pleasing and sometimes ruinous activities like smoking and drugs.  It starts with compellingly curious intentions of just wanting to fit in, make friends and enjoy company, but later on, it becomes a habit. For instance, something often seen in the present youth is the following of the perpetually changing Instagram trends by young school-going teenagers to feel accepted and admired.  We see kids going out of their way to follow social media trends and become famous because of peer pressure and the fact that this is seen as the definition of likeable and &