Sunday 28 August 2022

Autobiography of a ghost - Rishona Chopra

Hey there! No, don't run away. I ain't gonna hurt you.

You ran away; that's the problem with these foolish humans. I just want to be friends with them. How come they don't understand that? 

I might be transparent, but I am gorgeous and have a heart of gold. Not to boast, but I am adorable. If only you waited and listened to me. You don't know how sad it is to be a ghost, no one wants to talk to me, and all are afraid. I feel so alone. My only friend is a book. Her name is "How a ghost became my friend". She is my only friend and my only family. I genuinely wish I had a human friend. There are advantages of being a ghost too. You can run super fast and never feel hungry, which is a good thing because I don't want to be hungry. People say I hide under their bed, but trust me, I just stay in your room so that you become my friend.

By any chance, would you like to be my friend?   


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