Monday Mornings - Oshi Singh

Monday Mornings 

As the alarm buzzed, I opened my eyes, hoping to get some more sleep. Alas! It was six thirty already. I am always very hesitant about Monday mornings. On one side, I hate getting back to the same basic boring routine after all the relaxation and fun one had on Saturday and Sunday. Although Mondays do make me look forward to getting all freshened up and make me want to have a good kick start for the upcoming week. Every week I find Mondays the most challenging day (Trust me, making the decision almost 52 times a year isn't a cakewalk!). Nevertheless, I have to admit that although Mondays end up getting tiring, it indeed is a lot of fun getting back to the same basic boring routine and meeting all my friends again. Mondays make you ( me at least) realise that your life is still going on, and you have another chance to learn from your mistakes & just keep going. 

Oshi Singh 
Gyanshree School 
Grade VIII-D 


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