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The World Of Design - Rishona Chopra

Into this fashionable world, I go,
Fashion started long ago.
Design and embroidery it's much more than that,
This design can make expensive mats.
Fashion doesn't always have to be a trend,
It can be simple and still be a friend,
Perhaps nothing too fancy, but something light to wear,
Made with love and care.
Perhaps the best design doesn't stand out,
But it is gently made, no doubt.
Cloth is not decided by price,
But its simplicity makes it so nice.
Even a plain white cloth made with love,
Will shine out more than a golden dove.
It's all about creativity and what you think,
If made with effort, the effort will never shrink!
The beauty is within,
And that's where the true fun begins.
I wrote this for a fashion teacher,
But this thought made me think deeper.

Rishona Chopra
Grade VI
Gyanshree School 


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