Sunday 14 August 2022

A friend whom I lost - Gaurangi Rastogi

Date-12th August 2020
Time-1:00 pm 
It was a rainy day filled with sadness; I can still feel the moment as it was a changing point in
my life. I lost a friend who gave me happiness while she was in her bad times. A friend who
never spoke anything about her illness. Can you imagine? How does it feel when you lose
your friend whom you grew up with? I can still feel her presence around me. Her name was
Shyra. We always had a kind cultural diversity within us. During my holidays, I still visit the gurdwara and think about her. She wanted to become an author and publish her words. I used to call her Miss. Austen ( Jane Austen). She wanted to enter IFA ‘ International Fashion Academy’ in Paris for Fashion Journalism. She was an aspiring fashion designer and journalist. But, there was a time when we were shocked.

The words I can use to describe her:-
 Happy
 Carefree
 A sister 
 A friend to the needy
I made a mistake: ‘ I abandoned her when she was ill.’
If she can see me, 
Shyra, I am sorry to abandon you.
Gaurangi Rastogi 
Class VII
The Doon Girls’ School

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