Saturday 27 August 2022

The Sweetness of the Bitter Truth - Reveda Bhatt

For those who’ve read part 1- I hope you found the courage to read it whole.

Stay tuned and read this too because, you know, to those who think reading about death is not worth it at all when you can read about a bright things-my, friend, death is the ultimatum of a life, and every passing day just leads us one step closer to it, this might make you think-

“Then what is the point of living happily when the ending will just be sad?”

See, while watching a trailer, you do not just get the whole idea about the storyline until you watch the entire movie, so, look, neither the beginning is the central part, nor is the climax (Though people seem to make it) it is what happens in the middle.

There it is; that’s how life is not to be seen from the perspective-

How was someone born?


How had someone died?

It should be seen as - How had someone lived?

The time we have to live is limited, but how to live in the given time is in our hands.

That is how you find - light in the dark, 

the joyfulness in the screeching voice of a lark,

the cheerful desire of the people who sank in the mournful fire 

- the sweetness of life in the bitter truth of death.

Reveda Bhatt
Grade 9
The Aryan School


  1. Wow Reveda, this is a wonderful piece of writing, so beautiful and truthful !

    1. Thank you so much..Glad you found the realism:)


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