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The Tree - Sakshi Singh

  In the forest deep, A tree stands tall. Dancing free is a sight to see. With every breeze they seem to play, birds find a place safe from storms and the world's alarms.   "O kind soul, please spare me. Even I am part of nature's life. I breathe for the earth and dance with the sky. From the wood that builds your shelter to the papers you write, I serve in countless ways, from morning until night."   Let's cherish and protect them; they are vital to every living being. The blessings they bring, for together, we find harmony in this living thing.   Sakshi Singh Gyanshree School Image Courtesy-

Is social media distracting us? - Sakshi Singh

Picture Courtesy: Social media, a double-edged sword, It connects us all, yet ties us to strings.  In virtual worlds, our thoughts are muddled.  In screens we're lost, our focus blurred. Pings and constant calls Distracting us from life's moments, big and small. Scrolling boundlessly, time slips away. Likes and comments, we crave them so. But are they worth the time we hold? In this online crowd, reflect and find a harmony where you truly belong. Sakshi Singh  Class- IX C ||  Gyanshree School 

Our broken relationship with Nature - Rishona Chopra

Nature is all around us. The magnificent trees, the lush green forests, the animals and the birds. And in fact, we humans are nature. We are not a part of it, but we are nature.  Nature heals us. By this, I don't mean just the trees and forests that heal us. Our loved ones, friends and parents care for and support us, standing selflessly as our backbone.  Human's greatest enemy is ego. Is it the fuel for anger, jealousy, greed and whatnot? For desire, we fight wars. Why? For a mere piece of land. That very land belongs to none of us. Countries fight for the mountain areas that come into our country. But, in reality, that land is neither ours nor theirs. It is nature which has no possession. We don't have the owners we belong to, and neither does the land.  Without realizing it, we hurt nature for a silly reason. Amid these wars, aren't oceans and mountains being affected?  We greedily fight for possession, but do we take that possession with us when we die? One day, it

Peace hath her victories no less renowned than war - Reveda Bhatt

The renowned English poet John Milton once wrote in a letter to English General Oliver Cromwell- “Peace hath her victories no less renowned than war.” The fact that the majority of the world demands justice by sole means of war forgets that there is a concept of harmony in the absence of hostility and violence, known as peace! The word peace is derived from the original Latin word ‘pax‘, which means a pact, an agreement to end the war. Trust me, it’s not as tough as it seems to be; there are millions of people who’ve lost their lives to violence and many who’ve lost their beloved ones to brutality. It’s all a perspective-based scenario, a country which loses its soldiers to another considers them to be martyrs while the other one calls them terrorists, who, instead of fighting to create peace, get rested in peace. We, people, do not understand that the peace created after the war is not exactly ‘real peace’ but a helpless and tarnished aftermath of the most severe form of violence. We

Peace - What it means for us?

Thank you to all who joined us today; we are over 100, and you will see up to 75 names; there were many sharing devices, for which we are most grateful.  [25/09/22] We look forward to more quotes. Our value of the month is PEACE. Is it different from the piece? Avni Kochhar 11:00 "Peace means everyone being treated equally. Peace means harmony." Shambhavi Nautiyal 11:10 A piece can be a piece of mind, but peace is much more than that. It's trust between two individuals; it's having self-belief and perception of yourself. If you have made peace with yourself and your mind, you can have a whole new vision of the world, and simply nothing can go wrong. Rishona Chopra, 12:03 PM Peace is one virtue we must maintain in the smallest of things. Even sharing a piece of cake will have to be shared with peace as we tend to fight over the smallest of things, neglecting that this small piece of cake can ruin our relationships. kanikadogra946 12:10 Peace, for me, is when you gain c

Value for August is Patience

In August, we celebrate Patience ; please share your thoughts with us, comment below or send a blog post by email to We need to build the future of learning at school on 22 values: Appreciation, Caring, Cooperation, Courage, Freedom, Friendship, Happiness, Honesty, Hope, Humility, Love, Patience, Peace, Quality, Respect, Responsibility, Simplicity, Thoughtfulness, Tolerance, Trust, Understanding & Unity. The teachers collaborate and work in groups to discover how the values come alive. Individuals take stock of their values and how they wish to lead their life. This program will inspire you by using examples of where the values are already being used by children and adults in schools and share practical tools to stimulate discussion and philosophical debate. #JoyOfLearning Joy Of Learning (JOL) is based on The Little Book of Values: Educating Children to Become Thinking, Responsible and Caring Citizens by Julie Duckworth and Ian Gilbert, which explores twenty-two values

When It All Began - Anvesha Rana

We don’t have to be great to start, but we need to start to be great. All of us must have been a beginner at some point in our lives, on the sports field or on the dance stage. Every person who has achieved success today would have been a beginner once, so allow yourself to be a beginner, for no one starts off being excellent, and it is the critiques that shape our character, not the praise.  In school life, co-curricular activities are just as important as academics. I loved to dance in the cultural arts but was not really good at it. However, during the pandemic, I tried different forms of dance and today, dancing is something that occurs naturally to me. Another activity that I was a beginner at once was writing, but after joining the reading club program, my thoughts changed direction, and I just couldn’t contain them anymore, so I had to write! Practice makes a man perfect; the more I wrote, the better I became! When I was a new student at school, I found it hard to follow the rul

My Family and Their Happiness - Gaurangi Rastogi

We, humans, are social beings. We have family, friends, and relatives. Since this Covid-19, we have been separated from our families. Now, let me tell you, what does family mean to me?  My family means a place where I can be safe physically and mentally. My family means a culture my world resides in. My family means a shield that protects me from bad influences. My family is like a body in which everything works in harmony.  My family means everything to me, and I want to see them always happy. My family makes me happy, and so even I should try and keep them happy. Some simple ways in which I give happiness to my family are: ● by bringing good marks and doing well at school.  ● by spending time with them instead of playing on gadgets.  ● by teaching them something  ● by supporting them in bad times  ● by not being stubborn  ● by sending them letters and emails every weekend from school.  Gaurangi Rastogi  Class VI The Doon Girls' School