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What have I learnt from my one year at My Good School?

There are a colossal of amazing things that I have learnt from my one year at My Good School. I read three meaningful and impactful books and got to know three very new authors that helped to make my year a little more bedazzling.

Reading is all about simplicity and beauty, which I was able to experience regularly throughout this year. Though I couldn't reflect much in the written form, as far as I can tell, I did have the chance to go through the whole discussion and analysis in the meetings. I enjoyed expanding my knowledge of articulation and vocabulary and viewing the world through different perspectives. I made new friends and got to know their stories and opinions.

The first book that we read, Dr Anupam Sibal's "Is Your Child Ready to face the world?', was a book that made me dive into the observations and life lessons manifested through the life of the author. I believe it gave me a view of the world I will be stepping into soon. That book made me discern what those virtues meant to me and how I would want to when I grow. Even today, if someone ever asks me about some helpful self-help book recommendations, then I would only ask for that person to give this book a read.

The second book 'Totto-chan, the girl by the window' was written by a Japanese author, Tetsuko Kuroyanagi, a country I admire. This book gave me a view of how childhood is for a Japanese kid, fascinating and adventurous what I was able to make out. The whole book was heartwarming, and it felt like travelling back in time to a different country like I was there. Especially reading these books with all of the My Good School members was fun. It was simply marvellous knowing so many new things every week. I am proud and content with the idea of me being a part of this home-like friendly open programme which is just free of judgements.

It's indeed been a roller-coaster ride, somehow. Apart from everything, there is one thing I can say for sure that one-hour meeting felt like a safe place for other children like me who were interested in the beauty of literature and admired it and lived the stories just the way I did. Now that I think of it, I can't express how much gratitude I feel for being able to be a part of this; looking back at it as a journey of improvisation and learning,

I don't know if I would even be writing anything if it weren't for My Good School. I would have probably thought for it to be something I couldn't do and just wasn't for me, but because of this practice of reflecting, I have enriched and improved that now I can do it anytime, whenever I think of it. It's been a healing experience, and of course, I want to thank the organisers, Sandeep sir, Monisha ma'am, all the interns who have put so much effort into making this a success and the other members who joined, which always made the meeting come up alive.

Shambhavi Nautiyal 
Ahlcon Public School


  1. Very well written article Shambhavi, I loved the way you have reflected back on this whole year journey and how beautifully you have summarised your experience and learning. Keep writing more and keep posting them.

  2. Very true. My Good School helped me a lot too. It's a pleasure to join on Sunday! Wonderfully expressed!

  3. I absolutely loved reading this article, as it is very relatable for me. Shambhavi was able to capture my thoughts better than I would've. My Good School has definitely been a turning point for me as well, because of many reasons. I was able to improve my reading and writing skills and being an intern, the real life experience was new and amazing for me. This article made me really think about how grateful I am to this learning program. Thank you for writing such an insightful article. It is indeed a beautifully written piece.

  4. I love the write-up Shambhavi and how you have expressed the beautiful tale in your words. All the books we read are amazing may it be Is your Child ready to face the world, Totto-Chan or even now, Swami and Friends.

  5. Joining this Program has been really helpful to me, personally. I could relate to every line you've written above. Very beautifully expressed!

  6. The article was wonderful. When we read alone, it gets boring. But with My Good School, different people read, giving us a new way to think. All books have different values and morals that we learn from.

  7. Thank you so much Shambhavi for the one year journey. I can relate to what you have written. This one year at My Good School has helped me also to express myself in a better way. For me also reflection started happening after I joined My Good School and I was able to know myself better. Also, it gave me a wonderful opportunity to connect with more like - minded people and read and connect together. I am grateful for being a part of My Good School.

  8. I enjoyed reading this article. The Good School indeed provokes you to read and write more often as it happened with me too. It is an indeed awesome platform to read and connect.

  9. Amazingly written, Shambhavi! There is always something new we learn at My Good School. That's what makes it fun!

  10. I liked the article, the things written in this article are a big part of what I've thought about and after reading so many different books throughout my journey with My good school has been an amazing experience, I could actually relate to what you've written. Very beautiful expressed indeed!

  11. Thank you so much everyone for appreciating my work. I really appreciate and afterall it is you all who make this session so special and warm. Thank you!

  12. Good to see the conversation going, this is doing justice to the art of reflection, keep posting your thoughts, comments and express yourself.

  13. Really nice Shambhavi. You are well on the way to pick up the critical life skills required... Communication, collaboration, critical thinking , character, citizenship and creativity. Now take this one step further - try and see the area to improve on and work on them in the next year. It's all about becoming a better you


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